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NEW Demo 3B Medical RESmart BPAP 25A System with Integrated Heated Humidifier BMC-50

NEW Demo 3B Medical RESmart BPAP 25A System with Integrated Heated Humidifier BMC-50


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Included in this Sale:

  • NEW Demo 3B Medical RESmart BPAP 25A System Ref PN BMC-50 (Sn BTX17A26200 , CH 0)
  • Integrated Heated Humidifier
  • Carry Case with Shoulder Strap
  • 6 Ft Hose (22mm)
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual 
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • FREE Ground Shipping to the lower 48 US States

Product Description:

The RESmart CPAP Machine with Humidifier by 3B Products is a fixed pressure CPAP machine designed to be small and quiet.  The integrated heated humidifier makes your therapy more comfortable and helps to prevent dry throat and mouth. Automatically starts when you take your first breath in through your mask.

Product Features:

  • Auto CPAP
  • Real time alert for tubing/ mask leak
  • RESlex™ exhalation relief with three comfort settings
  • Remote compliance data access by phone with iCode™
  • Direct connect to PC via RS232
  • Automatic leak and altitude compensation
  • Inspiration trigger for automatic start-up
  • Embedded memory records sleep compliance data
  • Quiet operation

Product Specifications:

Device Size Dimensions:  8.66 × 7.6 × 4.4” (220 x 194 x 112mm), 12.3” (313 x 194 x 112mm) (with Integrated Heated Humidifier) Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg), 5.3 lbs. (2.4 kg) (with Integrated Heated Humidifier)
Product Use, Transport and Storage:

Operation / Transport & Storage

Temperature: 41˚F to 95˚F (5 to 35˚C) / -4˚F to 131˚F (-20 to 55˚C)

Humidity: ≤ 80% Non-condensing / ≤ 93% Non-condensing

Atmospheric Pressure: 860 to 1060 cmH2O / 500 to 1060 cmH2O

Mode of Operation: Continuous
Work Mode: CPAP, Auto
SD Card Capacity:

 2G bytes

AC Power Consumption:

 100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz, 1.0A max

Type of Protection Against Electric Shock:

Class II Equipment

Degree of Protection Against Electric Shock:

 Type BF Applied Part

Degree of Protection Against Ingress of Water:

IPX1 –Drip-Proof, Vertical

Pressure Range:

 4 to 20 cmH2O (in 0.5 cmH2O increments)

Pressure Stability:

 4 to 20 cmH2O (±1 cmH2O)

Altitude setting

Auto-CPAP: Manual setting: level 0 - 2

 CPAP: Manual setting 0- 10000 ft. Automatic altitude compensation for therapy pressure

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