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NEW Vyair CareFusion Accesory Kit O2 Sensor Kit 13036-001 Warranty FREE Shipping

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1- NEW Vyair CareFusion ReVel O2 Sensor Kit 13036-001

  • includes: FiO2 Sensor (13017-001) w/ Flow Diverter

1 Year Warranty

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Intended Use:

The FiO2 Cable Assembly, Oxygen Sensor with Flow Diverter, and appropriate Tee, are intended to be used with the PTV Series Ventilator.  When assembled, inserted into a patient circuit, connected and calibrated to a PTV Series Ventilator, the sensor monitors and reports the level of oxygen in the inspiratory limb of the patient circuit.

The PTV Series Ventilator system uses the Teledyne Analytical Instruments R-17MED oxygen sensor.  The sensor is made up of a sensing cathode and anode (fuel) immersed in electrolyte and packaged in a small plastic container.

Oxygen entering the sensor reacts with the anode and a proportional current is collected at the sensing cathode, which produces a millivolt output signal that is sent to the electronics, converted into a digital signal and displayed on ltleh ventilator.  

Attached to the sensor is a removable plastic diverter.  This diverter is used to facilitate the transport of gas mixtures through the sensor.