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USED Respironics Caradyne Criterion 40 Diagnostic Sleep System Monitor 8-100325-00

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  • USED Respironics Caradyne Criterion 40 Diagnostic Sleep System Monitor Ref PN 8-100325-00 (Sn 0325060113)
  • Respironics Criterion Pressure Tubing Ref PN 8-100285-00
  • Caradyne Power Cord Ref PN 8-100231-00 
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Criterion 40 is a compact, state-of-the-art pressure monitor designed to continuously evaluate and monitor patient airway pressure.

The Criterion 40 offers programmable alarms for airway pressure conditions outside user pre-determined high and low pressure levels.

Criterion 40 is designed for use in applications with devices which do not monitor airway pressure and can act as a backup for systems which include pressure monitoring.


The Criterion 40 provides features and performance to meet a wide range of patient applications.
- LCD provides broad function-ality, including "real-time" O2 airway pressure and peak pressure displays 
- Alarm silence and pre-silence controls 
- Internal pressure relief valve prevents damage to the transducer 
- Internal battery provides 24-hour back-up 
- Upgrade to include FiO2 monitoring 
- Smooth, compact, ergonomic form; easy to set up 
- AC and internal battery power 
- Intuitive interface provides both visual and audible feedback alarms 
- Display provides both current pressure and peak pressure data 
- Mounts easily to a variety of standard hardware options with a convenient mounting bracket 
- Internal pressure relief valve in case of inadvertent hook-up to high pressure supply