NEW Breas Medical Active Humidifier HA 01 US 003530 211016 for the Vivo and iSleep Warranty FREE Shipping

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  • 1- NEW Breas Medical Active Humidifier HA 01 US REF# 211016 & REF# 003530 (Elbow Included)
  • 24 Months of Full Warranty
  • Free Standard Ground Shipping (To The Lower 48 US States)


The Breas HA01 Heated Humidifier helps users maximize the benefits they get from the Breas iSleep; as well as the Breas Vivo devices. This humidifier can provide soothing humidity levels for almost 12 hours.




Please Note: Humidifier Serial Numbers Vary Per Each Unit

Designed for use with the following Breas Machines:

  • iSleep: 20, 20i, and the 20+
  • Vivo: 30 and 40

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