REFURBISHED Philips Respironics Emerson CA-3000 Cough Assist Machine Warranty FREE Shipping

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 Unit has options for both Manual or Auto Setting
Included in this Sale:
  • 1- REFURBISHED Philips Respironics Automatic Emerson CA3000 Cough Assist Machine  
  • 1- Hospital Grade 3-Prong Power Cord
  • 1- Air Filter P/N# HCF100
  • 1- User's Guide
  • 1 Year Warranty


Any standard 3-Foot long flexible smooth bore tubing can be used as a breathing hose; attached to a filter and facemask.

Note: Corrugated tubing may cause a decrease in flow reduction rates and create a whistling sound.l 


 The Cough Assist facilitates in coughing for patients with an insufficient ability to cough due to: 

· Poliomyelitis 

· Muscular Dystrophy 

· Spinal Muscular Atrophy 

· Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 

· Myasthenia Gravis 

· Guillain-Barre Sydrome 

· Multiple Sclerosis 

· Or any other neurological disorder with some paralysis of the respiratory muscles, such as a spinal cord injuries 


  • Product Number: CA-3000
  • Dimensions: 11 W x 11.5 H x 16.5 D Inch.
  • Weight: 24 lbs.
  • Maximum Positive Pressure: 60 cm H2O (44 mm Hg)
  • Maximum Negative Pressure: 60 cm H2O (44 mm Hg)
  • Maximum Inhalation Flow: 3.3 liters/second with inhale flow set to minimum; if set to maximum inhalation, the flow is the same as the exhalation flow.
  • Maximum Exhalation Flow Capacity: 10 liters/second; actual flow depends on maximum pressure and on airway resistance.
  • Pressure Gauge: -70 to 0 to +70 cm H.
  • Mode of Operation: Automatic and Manual Timing.
  • Standards: UL STD 2601-1, certified to CAN/CSA – STD C22.2 No. 601.1M90.
  • Maximum Positive Pressure: 60 cm H2O (44 mm Hg)
  • Maximum Negative Pressure: 60 cm H2O (44 mm Hg)
  • Manufacturer: Philips Respironics, formerly Emerson.
  • Brand: CoughAssist





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