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REFURBISHED Philips Respironics BiPAP V30 Auto 1111155 with Warranty & Free Shipping

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  • REFURBISHED Philips Respironics BiPAP V30 Auto Noninvasive Auto-Titrating Airway Management System (S/N: N232919344ED2) (Current Hours: 577.7) Ref PN 1111155 ORN HC1111178  
  • Used Philips Respironics Detachable Battery Module REF 1096770 (S/N: 547935)
  • Used Philips Respironics Rechargeable Detachable Li-lon Battery REF 1043570 (S/N: 233F5DSS)
  • Used Delta MDS-100AAS24 A 3 pin 24V 4.16A Power Supply Charger For Philips BiPAP REF 1081167 (S/N: DW1832014G)
  • Used Philips Respironics AC Power Cord REF 1044760
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • FREE Ground Shipping to The Lower 48 US States

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V30 Auto Video

The Philips Respironics BiPAP V30 Auto offers nine flexible therapy modes, auto-titration, and customizable alarms. The V30 Auto allows for cost-effective treatment of OSA patients in low-acuity wards across the hospital.


Therapy modes for patient types*
  • For OSA patients
  • For OSA patients
Auto Bi-level (with Bi-Flex)
  • For OSA and CPAP rescue patients
S (with AVAPS)
  • For OSA patients
S/T (with AVAPS)
  • For COPD, obesity hypoventilation, and neuromuscular disorder patients
autoSV (with Bi-Flex)
  • For complex patients with central or mixed apneas and periodic breathing
T (with AVAPS)
  • For COPD and neuromuscular disorder patients
PC (with AVAPS)
  • For neuromuscular disorder patients (ALS)
AVAPS-AE (found in Trilogy series ventilators)
  • For respiratory-insufficiency patients (COPD, OHS and NMD)
Hospital grade patient alarms
Disconnect alarm
  • Off, 15, 60 seconds
Apnea alarm
  • Off, 10, 20, 30 seconds
Low minute ventilation alarm
  • Off, 1-99 l/min
High respiratory rate alarm
  • Off, 4-60 BPM
Low tidal volume alarm
  • AVAPS required - settable

ORN HC1111178