NEW Lamtic Three Section Respirator Circuit Support Arm BL-3020-L with Warranty & Free Shipping

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Included in this Sale:

  • NEW Lamtic Three Section Respirator Circuit Support Arm Ref PN BL-3020-L
  • New Lamtic Patient Circuit Tubing Holder Ref PN TG-301
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • FREE Ground Shipping to The Lower 48 US States


The Model BL Series support arms have the following prominent features that were designed for your strict requirements:

1. Easy but lightweight.

2. Easy to operate.

3. Capable of holding at least 4lbs in either still or moving condition.

4. The special design arm shafts will not come off after as many as seven unfastening turns.

5. Pivot torque nut in center of hinges is capable of sustaining considerable torque, insuring support strength integrity.

6. The friction rings are strong enough to tolerate the maximum tightening force without deforming or wearing out.

7. Shiny finished surfaces are easy to clean and maintain.

8. The flex pipe, when bent vertically or horizontally to a position at an angle as large as 30 degrees, will hold its position without any self-return movement.