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Refurbished Patient Ready Philips Trilogy 200 1032800 Medical Ventilator 24 Month Warranty

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  • 1- Refurbished Certified Patient Ready Trilogy 200 Ventilator 1032800 
  • Certified for 2 Year PM or 10K Hours
  • 24 Month Full Warranty,
  • FREE SHIPPING to the Lower 48 US States 

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  • The Trilogy200 offers improved triggering and leak compensation that allows more sensitive delivery of invasive and noninvasive therapy for pediatric and adult patients in the home or in alternative care sites.
  • Three Circuit Options Trilogy 200's new universal porting block gives you the flexibility to choose from three different circuit configurations and provide the best available option for the patient.
  • Portability Trilogy 200 has been designed with portability in mind.
  • Weighs 5 kg (11 lb.) • Includes 3-hour internal and 3-hour detachable batteries
  • Ability to connect to an external lead acid battery Direct-View Ventilation Management Software Trilogy 200 provides ventilation data and prescription management through the use of an SD memory card.