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USED Pulmonetic CareFusion Systems LTM Graphics Patient Monitor 17678-001 with Free Shipping & Warranty

SKU: B17678-001 -U

LTM Monitor is in Great Working and Physical Condition.

Included in this Sale:

  • USED Pulmonetic CareFusion Systems LTM Graphics Patient Monitor Ref PN 17678-001 
  • USED LTM Power Splitter Cable Ref PN 18093-001
  • USED Data Cable Ref PN 11089 (length: 21" inches / 53 cm.)
  • USED LTM Graphics Mounting Bracket Ref PN 17916-001
  • 90 Day Full Warranty
  • FREE Ground Shipping to The Lower 48 US States

This Pulmonetics LTM Graphics Monitor is suitable for use with all of the CareFusion/Pulmonetics LTM Medical Ventilator Models/Series.  The LTM Monitor has been designed for controlled medical ventilation, to vividly display all of the controls, graphics, patient data and messages; associated with use of the LTV.  The touch-screen panel simplifies any control input and also shows one the viewing of patient-ventilator interaction while continuously monitoring the patient's required phases and levels of care.

Advanced LTM Features:

  • Automatic or manual scaling of waveform or loop screens
  • Screen freezing functions and options
  • Print friendly functionality
  • Historical event logging and reference breaths and loops